Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just Another Day

When message appeared and carried the meaning of Blessings, Body Care and New Love.

Some days are just special for they bring the joy of blue skies.

Today is that day.

When somebody you know has birthday and it is time to celebrate.

When puppy becomes a dog,

When friends share a laugh,

On the way home

From the long weekly march.

Live every moment of it


buba said...

It feels so good to know that someone miles away celebrate your day. Friends were laughing, bringing back memories, telling jokes, enjoying the moment. In my words, in my books, in my music, in my tears - a special one is always here. Miles away yet cuddled up in my heart. Forever.

danijela said...

I actually don't have a particular comment, but for the first time have I seen the blog of YOU. It was so enchanting that I read almost everything you have written since May 2006... The truth is I have never read anyone else's blog before. Another truth is I actually don't know what it's for... Seems to be just a bit more clear now but it doesn't mean I would be interested in reading other bloggers' blogs. Not immediately, anyway... But for the sake of leaving a comment, I wish to say (and I am sure you can predict it :))I was much drawn to the blogs that had something to do with Martial Arts and your Shifu. Although every text you write is interesting and selfexplanatory, many of them are just a mistery to me... Knowing you makes me unworried about me being too stupid to understand, just that we live completely different lives and never have thought in the same way. Which also doesn't mean we don't understand each other... Anyway, your Bagua practice is of much interest to me, complete atmosphere of Martial Arts practicing in China - seems like a dream come true to me :) I often think about it and the way my body felt while practicing karate. It brought, at the time, deeper feelings and thoughts about myself, my place in the world and eventually, of other people around me... During the years of not practicing (over 20 now, unfortunatelly), those feelings evaporated and are deffinitely missed... Maybe I should look for a Master here? I must say I am very, very suspicious of true Maters, teachers here and also, I am not sure what Martial Art would be the best for me now... After your blogs, it got me thinking about it again (which also happened from time to time in the past), but this time in a completely different way... If anything "positive" happens from my thinking - I will let you know...