Monday, March 19, 2007

Whimsy March

Whimsical March as it says on EQ callendar. I am not sure what whimsical means
As suggests:

1. Determined by, arising from, or marked by whim or caprice. See Synonyms at arbitrary.
2. Erratic in behavior or degree of unpredictability: a whimsical personality.

A little bit confused I ponder what would be EQ with whimsical personality and I read closer:

Overcome terminal seriousness. Develop a sense of whimsy. People who lose their capacity to be playful are perceived as cold, dull, boring, sad, lonely, tight, rigid, etc. Instead, maintain the playful attitude that comes naturally to children. Work at spotting the incongruities, absurdities, and ironies of life. Turn reality on its ear. The by-products will be less conflicts, less anger, less anxiety, and less depression. in fact, playfulness may be more conducive to the production of peace than superb negotiation skills.

March is almost over - it took me two weeks to flip the page and move from Resistance to Whimsy. If I look at it as a play, I made a first step - marching into new month 19 days later.

Carlos Castaneda talks about the spirit of the Hunter in a somewhat similar style. Only animals that have unpredictable behavior manage to survive the wild (think "Madagascar"). Surprise yourself by acting unpredictably and the world of possibilities reveals itself.

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