Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Simba has been breaking his fear past three days. It seems to me he has fear of heights, he's reluctant to jump off bed or climb up steep stairs even. Candy, on the other side, loves to jump and finds no obstacle high enough to conquer. All other areas of their life are directly opposite - Simba is more daring, Candy is withdrawn and shy. They are like Yin and Yang - Candy likes dark places and spends her daytime mostly sleeping under the bed, Simba loves the balcony and enjoys sunbathing, looks forward to any moment that he can be outside. Candy prefers company of humans although she has certain profound taste, Simba loves playing with other dogs, the bigger they are the more fun!

It is pleasure watching these two balancing their living act - day in day out they mingle their energies and express themselves fully. K and I, like worried parents, wonder what we have done 'wrong' to enhance this difference. Eventually we see it as the natural cycle and learn how to adjust our energies.

This is the closest I get to feeling how it is to raise children.

Candy (left) and Simba (right) enjoying free run on one of your hikes last year
December 2006)

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