Tuesday, July 17, 2007


When you feel like facing walls
and they seem too tall to jump over,
walk around them

When you feel like facing a wall
and it seems too long to walk around it
step up and don't be afraid of seeing what is on the other side

If your wall is too tall and too long to even think of any possibility to go beyond it -
find a pleasant spot in your mind or just by the wall
and daydream of what you would really really
like to see on the other side.

If Truman could do it, so can you!

No matter who watches,
no matter how many times you fail -
keep doing it,
keep moving,
despite sadness,
despite madness.

Enjoy the journey!

Everything else
will take care of itself.


danijela said...

Quite inspiring, Daca! I wonder what brought this on... Love always... smiling at K...

Dalida Turkovic said...

I had a session yesterday with a client who saw a wall ahead and discouraged she burst into tears. Glad it inspired you - I really thought at the time: step on it and walk it as far as it takes you! Remember how inspired you were once you reached that rock!