Monday, January 22, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I have seen Al Gore's documentary about global warming. I felt like reading the manual how to use and maintain a newly purchased gadget only, this time, it was about the Earth. Many users, instructions not written in all the languages, not everybody is interested in maintaining it, not everybody is interested in claiming ownership ... where are we all going?

Sometimes I wonder if the Earth would give us the melting surprise of Ice Age even if we didn't invent cars, factories and various touches that make the atmosphere go "Urgh!" Either way, I do what I can to help next generation live its eternity and hope that 2012 is just another myth (like millenium bug). On the other side, if 2012 was the end of Earth as we know it (Mayan calendar states so), what would I do if I had another 5 years to live....

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