Wednesday, March 19, 2008


She is Tibetan and sells jewelery in Panjiayuan Antique Market.

Today she invited me to her home.

An old room with all essentials in it. Gas fuming from the stove, leaks. Smell of drying lard and remains of leftover food. Supplies are arriving tomorrow.

She talks about her divorce and how she gave up on son, house and all possessions to be able to be free. Briefly explains how divorce is such an uncommon event in the local community there and only if you pay you can consider it.

"I was a successful business woman at that time but he was constantly beating me. Once I hardly survived, he pushed me and I fell down the stairs but I was lucky. It is not my time to die, I choose to live." Conclusion of the story: she just managed to pay remained CNY20,000 to him and is now finally free. We meet at this time and we both mention yuanfen - fate.

Stacks of handmade jewelery are soon covering clean floor and we start talking about the meanings, symbols, Tibetan culture. Recent happenings are mentioned. Once it is all finished we will go and visit her home. Many people got killed, it is not safe now.

Next week I will be in San Diego selling Dawanzhuoma's art and her story will talk for her. As she says, she is a good business woman.

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