Monday, December 17, 2007

The Mule Got Drunk and Lost in Heaven

Poem by Hafiz
the great Sufi master

Mind is ever a tourist
Wanting to touch and buy new things
Then toss them into an already
Filled closet.

So I craft my words into those guides
Thant will offer you something fresh
form the Hidden's Tavern.

Few things are stronger than
The mind's need for diverse

I am glad
Not many men or women can remain
Faithful lovers to the unreal.

There is a kind of adultery
Thant God encourages:

Your spirit needs to leave the bed
Of fear.

Teh gross, the subtle, the mental worlds
Become as worthless husband.

Women need
To utilize their superior intelligence
About love

So that their hour's legacy
Can make us all stronger and more clement.

Sometimes a poem happens like this one:

The mule I sit on while I recite
Starts off in one direction
But then gets drunk

And lost in


Jonezen said...

I am on a conference call with seven coaches. We are examining the value of coaching from a context of curiosity. I remember this poem from Hafiz, and promise that I will post it up for them to read. It is so much about beginner's mind. So do a web search, but the results don't include the poem. Then I search a little more, I get lost searching, and your page comes up. The title reads, "Life Coaching - First Steps." And I am drunk with joy. I have to respond to you even though I am still on the phone. If this poem describes an underlying value or principle that guides your coaching, I am curious about learning more about you, who your clients are, and what you do. Because although I am a coach in the US, I am seeking connections with coaching who are living and working in China, because I want to work with Chinese clients, whether individually by phone or with groups and organizations. I do not know why, but I have a feeling that if I pursue this, I may get lost, but I may also get drunk and lost in middle heaven.

Dalida Turkovic said...

Hello Paul, just saw your blog and happy to be connected via Hafiz (that cannot be neglected!). Keep in touch via email