Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prayer and Politics

I don't like politics. I actually haven't watched more than 5 hours of any kind of news since 1999. News remind me of shopping in China - you never know if you got the fair price. If you like bargaining then it is a heaven but if you like to shop quickly and easily - it is a nightmare that often ends with a question - have I been cheated?

In past few days my email and sms have been buzzing: Serbia won Eurovision song contest! I have to admit I was really happy to hear that and thought - finally there is some good for Serbia to be noticed for. No more war, no more crimes - it is a song and apparently well done. After all, people voted for it. So I googled Molitva (Prayer - name of the song) and Eurovision and checked YouTube to hear (see) the song. I thought it was nice, the energy was apparent and Marija was herself, natural and powerful.

And then surprise: another video on YouTube states that the song was stolen from Albanian performer. No comment, really - I don't like politics. And then news from Serbia saying that Marija won as compensation for Kosovo - how nice, others say that she is lesbian - how fantastic!

Just out of curiosity, I really want to know - how many people thought that Sinatra sold so many records because he was with mafia and how many thought that Melissa Etheridge shouldn't have won Oscar because she is lesbian?

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