Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogging in China - disciplined practice

I have started blogs somewhat suspicious and wanting to experience the new wave of communication when I realized that I can't view my blog in China. Enthusiasm waned out, idea of daily writing turned into weekly thought that I should write which inevetably leads to not writing... I am currently in Europe and just for fun of it checked how my blog looks like on the web - what a pleasant surprise. I saw one comment and that was enough to motivate me to write more.

This reminded me of the hurdles I passed with practice, not seeing the outcomes of doing standing stance or any other practice. I rebelled, thought that teachings were not real, that stories I heard about outcomes practice gives were fake. I read John's comment to my blog on finding shifu, and then I read his blog about the benefits of practicing alone. I can't agree more - getting to self discipline, self motivation and persistance is focal element of any practice. I also think that it is very important to have a healthy base of non-dependant relationship with a person that triggers that kind of approach to the practice, something I didn't add when I wrote about finding master.

Over and over again I learn how to observe self during practice, how to adjust body and intent while the nature does the rest. Whatever the journey and exploration of any practice is, if it is good for you keep doing it, five minutes a day is better than no practice at all. Evenutually you will find your own way by teaching others, passing the knowledge and learning even more.

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